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    JANUARY 26, 2015

    US Music blog PopMatters are premiering our new single today. Head over there and stream "By the Waves"! Can't tell you how proud and happy we are to finally be able to share this one with you! Thanks for your patience!

    JANUARY 25, 2015

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    JANUARY 18, 2015

    JANUARY 13, 2015

    DECEMBER 20, 2014

    NOVEMBER 24, 2014

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    JULY 17, 2014

    Check out all 11 Studio Diaries in this nifty playlist. Enjoy!

    JULY 5, 2014

    New performance announced!

    We will perform at Gasklockorna, Gävle on September 6th. Click the image below to go to the Official Facebook event.

    More news album the new album will follow soon!

    JUNE 7, 2014

    We just wanted to let you know that our new album is now mixed! Once again we've worked with the talented Andreas Ahlénius (Miss Li, Di Leva et al) who also mixed our last album "LPTO". Andreas really went to town with this mix and we couldn't be happier and we can't wait to share some of it with you soon.

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    Talk to you soon, and thanks for your patience.

    MAY 24, 2014

    Here some beautiful photos from PUSH Festival:

    APRIL 4, 2014

    We gave an interview with Arbetarbladet a few days ago. Here it is!

    MARCH 30, 2014

    New performance announced!

    We will perform five new songs on Saturday. You simply can't miss this.

    FEBRUARY 5, 2014

    The last and final chapter in our studio diary is here! This means that we have finished the recordings of our third album!

    More information will follow very soon.

    JANUARY 17, 2014

    New Studio Video Diary out now!

    DECEMBER 11, 2013

    New Studio Video Diary out now!

    NOVEMBER 3, 2013

    New Studio Video Diary out now!

    OCTOBER 25, 2013

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    AUGUST 7, 2013

    New video diary from the studio!

    JULY 3, 2013

    New video diary from the studio!

    JUNE 16, 2013

    We've had two days worth of effecient hard work in the studio this weekend (although this photo might tell otherwise). Producing and recording two completely new tracks (which'll be totally awesome, we might add).

    We are aware that some of you are asking about the new album and we're getting tired of saying "soon" but we'll be finished SOON as the deadline for recording is creeping closer.

    In a not distant future we will be presenting artwork, a new single, a video, album release date and hopefully some tour dates as well.

    Thanks for your support, patience and time.

    MAY 17, 2013

    Tomorrow we will hit the studio again and finish up the last bits on our sixth recorded song for the new album. We know we're slower than most sloths, but our current lives don't allow us to work much faster. What we CAN tell you is that the new songs are all killers and we can't wait to release them.

    The image above is taken from our Instagram account and we'd very much like you to follow us there. You'll get (hopefully somewhat) interesting glimpses of the work behind the masks and the music. baronbane @ instagram You know what to do.

    MAY 14, 2013

    MARCH 31, 2013

    Here's a brand new studio diary from last week!

    We also missed to post part two of the February video diary:

    FEBRUARY 12, 2013

    Here's our latest video diary from this weekend.

    DECEMBER 19, 2012

    Just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone and share with you this massive Spotify playlist consisting of the monthly playlists we've been sharing with you since 2009.

    The playlist contains 842 tracks with a total playing time of over 2 days. These are inspirational tracks added during the work of our latest album "LPTO" and more recent music added while writing the material for our upcoming album as well.

    We'll of course present you with a new playlist next year!

    DECEMBER 17, 2012

    This weekend we had a very succuessful and fun studio session and we managed to make progress with a handful of new songs. Currently we have 7 new songs in the making! Exciting times indeed.

    Here's our latest video diary. Also, be sure to check out our other video diaries in our YouTube channel.

    NOVEMBER 27, 2012

    RIP Larry Hagman

    This is a "cover" of the theme from Dallas. We played this song while walking off stage from our first performance, back in 2003. Made with miscellaneous mellotron samples so it sounds kinda weird, but funny. Enjoy!

    Also, we're annoucing a new performance on December 13th in Gävle! This will be truly special! We're a part of Gävle's "levande julkalender" (don't really know how that translates) and we're "lucka no 13". For more info, go to

    We will perform a new song! See you there!

    NOVEMBER 5, 2012

    Last weekend we worked 24/7 in our new studio to create and record a couple of new songs. Here's a little video diary (lots of new music inside!). We'll keep posting videos, photos and other updates from the studio on our Youtube channel, Instagram feed (baronbane), Twitter and Facebook streams.

    Talk to you soon!

    Here's a new Spotify playlist with songs that currently inspire us!

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

    Here you are: two hours worth of inspiring and intriguing music!

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2012

    Here's our new Spotify playlist with stuff we're currently enjoy listening to.

    AUGUST 24, 2012

    Our song "My Slow World" was heard in MTV series Awkward yesterday and we are of course mighty glad to finally have our music heard on MTV in the US!

    A lot of you are asking where you can find the song and it's of course on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or whatever service you use for music. The song has also been featured on enough mp3 blogs so you should be able to find a free download somewhere if you google it.

    But PLEASE consider to buy the tune if you want to support us! Also, spread the word!

    Thanks a million!

    AUGUST 8, 2012

    On popular demand we've now added the lyrics for the LPTO album. We'll soon add the lyrics for the Orchids EP and the first album as well. Stay tuned for that.

    Click here to dwell in the lyrics for LPTO!

    On another note, we will continue our work in our new studio (which is yet to be named) this weekend so we'll make sure to post some video/photo updates through our other channels like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You are a follower aren't you? If not, we're called "baronbane" everywhere so make sure to hit 'follow' to get all the latest news and sneak previews from the studio.

    JULY 26, 2012

    A little sneak peek preview from our latest studio session. Enjoy.

    JULY 7, 2012

    Hi there, We want to share with you the tracks that currently are rocking our world and that serves as inspiration in the writing process for our new album.

    We are currently finding time to get into the studio and record our new material. We have some killer stuff that we can't wait to release and share with you. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on both Twitter and Instagram for updates from the studio!

    JUNE 20, 2012

    We just wanted to post a little reminder of the two shows we're doing in the Czech Republic this weekend. Please check out the performances section to learn more.

    Are you on Instagram? Well, who isn't? Look us up and hit 'follow'! We're called "baronbane" and we're going to post photo updates from the tour and from the studio.

    Oh, yes, and we have a new Spotify playlist out for you to enjoy. Check it out here:

    MAY 7, 2012

    Click the logo to listen to our new April 2012 Spotify Playlist. Enjoy!

    Jeremy Enigk - Sandwich Time
    Sunny Day Real Estate - Roses In Water
    The Smashing Pumpkins - Soma
    The Cardigans - Communication
    Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger
    Serge Gainsbourg - Cargo Culte
    Saturday - The Slow And Slopy Journey Of Little Rhino
    Megadeth - Train Of Consequences - 2004 Digital Remaster
    The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - You Are the Beginning
    Liquid Tension Experiment - Acid Rain
    Kent - Petroleum
    The Who - Who Are You
    Philip Glass Ensemble;Michael Riesman - Glasspieces (Choreographed by Jerome Robbins): Glasspiece #1 ("Rubric" from Glassworks)
    Beastie Boys - So What'Cha Want
    Deadmau5 - Strobe (Radio Edit)
    Queens Of The Stone Age - I Think I Lost My Headache - Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam
    Hayseed Dixie - Strawberry Fields Forever
    Queens Of The Stone Age - Turnin On The Screw

    APRIL 10, 2012

    We are very happy to announce that we are booked to perform at the United Islands Festival in Prague during Midsummer's! This will be our third time in Prague and we absolutely adore this beautiful city.

    We will also perform in Pilsen during that very same day so basically we're doing two festivals on one day. Very excited about that.

    Please see the Performances section for more info!

    MARCH 28, 2012

    Click the logo to listen to our March 2012 Spotify Playlist. Enjoy!

    1. Room For Happiness - Extended Kaskade, Skylar Grey
    2. Maths - Original Mix Deadmau5
    3. Redan glömda Jonathan Johansson
    4. Stick To You - Feat. Slakah The Beatchild Tingsek, Slakah The Beatchild
    5. Paddling Out - Jacques Lu Cont Remix Miike Snow
    6. Charlie Brown Coldplay
    7. Bored Of Canada Deadmau5
    8. Erik Hanne Hukkelberg
    9. Believe I've Found The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (TSOOL)
    10. La Traversee Les Discrets
    11. Bad Girls M.I.A.
    12. My Ashes Porcupine Tree
    13. End of the World - Radio Edit Blackfield
    14. Lost My Faith Seal
    15. The Archer The Deer Tracks
    16. High Class Slim Came Floatin' In Tortoise
    17. Blue Eyed Bitter Aeroc
    18. On Aphex Twin
    19. XYLIN ROOM Autechre
    20. The Armageddon Theories Pt. 1 Theory In Practice
    21. Oh John Jeremy Enigk
    22. My Beautiful Demon Francoise Hardy, Ben Christophers
    23. Burn Jeremy Enigk
    24. Bavarian #1 (Say You Will) Miike Snow
    25. Black & Blue Miike Snow
    26. Exceeder (Original Mix) Mason
    27. The Ridge - Original Mason
    28. Clockwork (Helvetic Nerds Radio Mix) Deadmau5
    29. The Sailor's Hornpipe Mike Oldfield
    30. Do Not Look Down Meshuggah
    31. Obsidian Meshuggah
    32. Systerpolska från Ore efter Timas Hans Per Gudmundson, Ola Bäckström

    MARCH 13, 2012

    Our remix of The Deer Tracks' new single "The Archer" is now released. Listen to it here:

    Check out the whole release on Spotify

    FEBRUARY 25, 2012

    We had a really nice time performing at Kafe de Luxe in Växjö last night. It was Ida's birthday and we surprised her with a small salute in the middle of the set. Here's the video proof.

    FEBRUARY 5, 2012

    We won! Our album LPTO is Album of the Year!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    We'll post some live videos soon. If you have any photos or videos, feel free to upload them to our page on Facebook and tag us!

    FEBRUARY 1, 2012

    "So this is the new year? And I don't feel any different."

    Just wanted to announce to new shows coming up.

    4 February - Local Heroes, Gävle
    24 February - Kafe De luxe, Växjö

    Check out PERFORMANCES for more information.

    DECEMBER 20, 2011

    Today we release the single Love.Cure.All plus four excellent remixes. Have a listen above and feel free to share the soundcloud player wherever you want.

    You can download the MP3 pak + remixes for FREE below. All we ask is that you pay us back with a tweet or a Facebook status update. Check it out, it's kinda cool!

    You can also get the single by signing up for our newsletter!

    Happy holidays everyone!

    DECEMBER 1, 2011

    LPTO got 4/5 in Uncut Magazine. We are of course very proud.

    "Heart-juddering time signatures, heart-wrenching chord changes and lovelorn lyrics"

    Sums up the album pretty well, we think.

    NOVEMBER 25, 2011

    Welcome to our new website. Be sure to check out the t-shirts in the SHOP and our Spotify Playlists

    NOVEMBER 20, 2011

    We spontaneously recorded a couple of acoustic tracks the other night. Nothing too extraordinary, but still kinda nice, we think.

    NOVEMBER 10, 2011

    Check out our newest video!

    Also, don't miss the remix The Deer Tracks made for Echoes.

    Baron Bane - Echoes (The Deer Tracks Remix) by stupiddreamrecords